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Safety and Health

  • Provision of competent safety advice where required
  • Help Organizations in getting certified under ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Conducting safety Audits for work places
  • Carry out equipments integrity tests and vessel thickness tests;
  • Inspection and Certification of lifting equipments which include:

Non- Destructive Testing

Our NDT inspectors are ready to provide you with a perfect NDT Inspection performance according to international standards, e.g. SAQCC, ASME and ISO specifications as well as your own requirements and procedures..

Inspection of Lifting Equipments

We provide all round inspection solution for lifting equipments inspection, Certification, training, Safety and Mechanical Engineering Consultancy.


Magnetic Particle Testing

It is mainly used to identify surface and near surface defects and applicable to only ferrous materials inspection of steel butt weld. Other applications includes; bolts threads, piping inspection, in Railway, Mining, Manufacturing industry especially fabrication industry, aerospace parts inspection and Marine industrial.


Liquid Penetrant Testing

This method is used to find surface defects and is not limited to ferrous materials, do not require any power source and highly portable and efficient method. It is generally used where MPT cannot be applied such as Non Ferrous Metals.


Visual inspection

The equipment is used for inspection of just direct and close inaccessible areas, such as tanks, tubes and vessels. Its benefit is a transparency and understandable reported information.


Training courses